Customer Acquisition and Retention System
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How this simple service has helped our clients DOUBLE THEIR REVENUE on several occasions for the last 4 years.*

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Two Important Questions

1. Are you advertising now? And if so, are you getting the results you were hoping for? Do you know the actual number of customers that resulted from that advertising?

2. With your advertising results, are you able to get back in touch with those customers? For instance, you advertise an offer or coupon. Do you know how many people are actually redeeming it? Do you have a way to keep that customer coming back in your doors again?

These questions may sound trivial but that can mean a big difference in your business income. A couple of tweaks in these areas can mean the difference in the success you had hoped for and scrambling trying to get more revenue in.

Fact is, most businesses pay about 5 times more trying to get NEW customers in rather than get their EXISTING customers to come back in more often.

Don't get me wrong, we have strategies to get NEW customers in CONSISTENTLY as well, but you don't want to forget the treasure you have right now - your existing customers. After all, they frequent your business, so they know you and like you and trust you. Otherwise they wouldn't keep going back.

This platform system coupled with our many effective marketing strategies will give you the most cost-effective growth you will ever find.
The Platform
Customer Acquisition and Retention System

Our Marketing Platform

Our marketing platform plus our effective strategies for local businesses help them increase revenue.

Customer Management System

Ability for businesses to build: birthday, anniversary, and other sms and email lists!

All in 1 Marketing

Ability to send sms, emails and MMS (picture text messages, such as coupons) all from one platform!

Automated Offers

Marketing platform that automatically and passively sends birthday, anniversary and other offers via SMS and email to subscribers.

ROI & Tracking

Ability to track redemptions on every SMS/email blast to track the ROI of the marketing campaign.

Trackable Mobile Coupons

Ability to gauge ROI of all coupons, so we truly know the degree we're helping businesses increase revenue.


Even though businesses have the ability to log in (which they should so they can see all the tracking), we handle it all for you. You just tell us what your offers are and we'll get right on it. Then you just concentrate on YOUR business!



You may be too busy just running your business to get a really good idea about this or maybe you already do know. Let me give you an eye-opening exercise. This is something you will think about for quite some time! Honestly, I can hardly wait for you to try this. Just click on the "Calculate" button and prepare yourself.
How It Works
A Simple But Effective 3 Step Process!
How it works

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Customer Acquisition and Retention System
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* Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody elses. In fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material. However, with our experience, we do achieve significant results and are proud of our accomplishments.



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